A look inside of TurnOn

The city has been unplugged from the electric grid and thrown into darkness and chaos after what can be described as a large accident at the local power plant  and the sole living electric spark is the only thing that remains as power.

TurnOn the local electric spark is set out on his journey sapping around and restoring the power back to the city in anyway he can.


The punchy little fella has to weave his way across obstacles and power lines trying to light up as much of the stages as possible and guiding the public of the city to safety, the main story is about the buddle of joy called TurnOn which is a partial of electric that has come from the PowerStation and created into a living spark and was sent to bring light and happiness back to the city

The game itself is beautifully put together and is broken down into various sub levels and the scenes are set with very well presented artworks and the soundtacks set the mood of each level you play.

Since its release Turn On has been reviewed my many and we enjoyed this game so much I wanted to tell you that TurnOn gets 40% off in 37 regions during Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale, So players can get a discount on Xbox One from July 6th till 12th which I have to say is a bargain, The debut game recently got more than 100 press reviews with average score 71,5 this shows you that its worth every penny.