Fans of Behemoth, the developers behind the fantastic Castle Crashers and Battle Block Theatre will be pleased to know that registrations for the forthcoming Pit People closed beta are now open.

No doubt many won’t bother, and then be clambering around looking for spare codes in August, but if you want the chance to get your greasy mitts around Pit People during the beta phase, then the best bet is to register your interest now.

Here’s the run down direct from Behemoth.

We’re looking for thoughtful adventure seekers who are ready to immerse themselves in an anachronistic, apocalyptic wonderland filled with Cyclopes, Hair Trolls, Rainbow Horses, Electrobots, and many other creatures found in Pit People.

Are you up for a fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure?

If your answer was a resounding YES, then head over to our Closed Beta page

For those who are looking for more info on the Closed Beta, here are the prerequisites for registering for the closed beta:


Our Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta is tentatively scheduled for August 2016. Join us in the Pit!