Today, Mojang are rolling out a free update to Minecraft Xbox One edition players which see’s the addition of Minecraft Battle Mini Game, completely free of charge.

This is the first of many planned mini games set to arrive on the Xbox One and other console editions, as the developers look to bring all non-PC versions of the game up to date with the original release.

Of course Minecraft by it’s very nature is all about creativity, and thousands if not millions of players have already set about creating mini games of their own – some very successfully including the likes of top YouTuber, Stampy. However, Mojang have acted to take out the painstaking formalities of playing such mini games.

Never again will you need a manual countdown or score tracker, as with these officially released mini games the game will take care of all of that for you.

Battle, the title of this first mini game, pits you and your opponents against each other in a fight for survival. Race to grab resources and weaponry from chests, skip across arenas avoiding not just your foes but also numorous traps and obstacles, and of course stave off hunger itself.

Battle can be played by up to four players splitscreen, or up to eight players online. Happy battling!