Chess is a strange little game, It’s incredibly complex and really get’s those grinds turning, which means as much as one person might enjoy a game others don’t.


I’ve been in a similar position, I’ve always secretly enjoyed a game of chess, I used to play a lot back at school and even finished third in a local competition (mostly filled with adults, which wasn’t bad for a kid who’s only just grown a pair)

Sadly I didn’t get to play much after that, my sister was too busy being an older sister, and my parents didn’t have the patience or time to play what would usually be a long widned game,  soon enough console gaming went from a hobby to a major part of my life, Chess took more than back-stage, it was in the store room hardly touched.

So now, Pure Chess is set to bring the game to the Xbox One, and after success across the board It’s one release I’m personally looking forward to.


Here’s the official press release.

Pure Chess – Coming to Xbox One and PC this Summer
New teaser trailer showcases stunningly beautiful graphics in Pure Chess for Xbox One and PC

8th June 2016: Ripstone are excited to announce that their evergreen game Pure Chess will be making its move on to Xbox One and PC via Steam later this Summer. A brand new trailer has been released showcasing the beautiful graphics players can enjoy in the game.

Pure Chess was originally developed by VooFoo Studios and launched in 2012, since then the game has been downloaded over 2.5 million times across the PlayStation Network, Nintendo platforms and on mobile. The latest iteration in the series has been developed by Ripstone’s own in-house development team.

Pure Chess aims to reflect the beauty and depth of the widely respected game. Chess is one of the world’s most played, popular and recognized games and to reflect this, Pure Chess was developed with the aid of a chess Grandmaster, the highest title a chess player can attain. The game aims to appeal to a wide audience with various tutorials to allow beginners to take part, improve their chess skills and become a Grandmaster in their own right. Are you a Grandmaster in the making?

Release dates and pricing details will be announced in due course.


Finally, take a look at the aforementioned trailer, which I’m sure you’ll agree, looks incredible.