Zombie Driver was first released back in 2009, and has been tearing up the PC, Android tegra devices, ouya, PS3, 360 and now Xbox One thanks to the ID @ XBOX program.
The Current gen release “Zombie Driver HD” was console gamers first view of the zombie infested streets and while not a must have title, it was a worthy purchase for fans of vehicular combat, and draws more than a few comparisons to titles like the original grand theft auto, as well as various top down racing games going as far back as super skidmarks, and micro machines.
You begin inside a taxi, and have no means of killing the hordes of zombies apart from running them down, soon enough you’ll come across weapon pick-ups and upgrades that will let you fire a machine gun, rockets or even a flame thrower from the front of your vehicle, making the groups of zombies easier to work through.
Initially you might only have 20-30 at a time, which will slow your vehicle or knock it off course, and it’s easy enough to work through these early stages, but when you start to come across a few of the giant boss-like monstrosities or groups of 100 or more zombies scurrying towards your car, which while the graphics aren’t going to make your decaying jaw fall off, the fact it all hurtles along nicely at a steady 60 frames per second might just leave you with a mild smirk on your face.
Many of the missions you’ll come across do feel familiar the further you progress, with most tasks limited to killing this, or collecting that, with a massive horde of zombies nearly always around the corner which you can sometimes avoid, whereas others taking down a set amount is a necessity, the range of weapons and upgrades on offer go some way to ease the burden of having to work your way through yet another horde of zombies,
Sadly though it does feel a little dislodged and isn’t as immersive thanks to being locked away inside the car, with only some very dodgy voice acting and dialogues to pull you through the story, but the variety of events does go some way to improving the game, and across more than 30 missions, you’ll get your grubby mits on 15 vehicles with 36 race events and 9 slaughter arenas.
The variety of missions isn’t the greatest, and while it can be forgiven for trying to keep things fresh, the “boss-battles” are a step in the wrong direction with the large zombie growths usually following a set mechanical routine, which are less of a challenge and more following a set pattern.